Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm at college and my grandfather is at home dying....?

I found out about it the day before yesterday, after I got back to school, and apparently he has a fatal infection and could die any minute. I wish I could communicate how much this man has meant to me and what an amazing person he is. I'm just distraught and I can't focus on anything else. I barely made it through yesterday's classes and I've been crying ever since. I have no idea how I'm going to deal with tomorrow's classes without falling apart. My friend's are trying to help, but I think I need to be alone.

I just don't know what to do...

I know that God knows what he's doing and I've been calling on him and putting my faith in him, but oh this is so difficult.

I'm not sure what I'm expecting by putting this out there....I know there are no answers and that I'll probably just get a bunch of responses telling me that God isn't real and that I'm on my own....

but I know that He IS real.

I guess I just need someone to empathize..I'm at college and my grandfather is at home dying....?
rebelduck, listen to me.

I'm a grandfather.

Us grandfathers - we have a habit of dying.

It's as simple as that - and hey, you know what?

We know already how much our grandchildren love us.

We don't need to be told.

We can see it in your eyes.

Go about your life rebelduck.

This is something we all have to go through.I'm at college and my grandfather is at home dying....?
i am sorry for ur unfortunate situation. i don't want u to take this the wrong way at ALL. i just want to encourage you to see the any situation, no matter how negative they may seem.

first of all..i think you are SO very lucky to have such a great relationship w/ ur grandfather!! my grandparents on my father's side were never very nice or close to us, and died when i was in college........ and my grandfather on my mother's side died when my mother was grandmother had alzheimer's for over 10 years and didn't know who i was when i went to visit her when i was 8....... anyways, i'm just trying to say that i am Happy for you that u had the chance to be impacted by a wonderful grandfather. he obviously was a great man, for u to think of him so highly. it is sad that he is getting older and sicker, but u Have to try and be strong, and see the positive things that you can be thankful for. do ur best to let him know you love him while he's still here...and when he passes, do your best to show the world how much he means to you BY being your best!!! study harder, be a better student, be a better, person, be a better friend, daughter, sister, niece..Because you have been positively blessed by knowing someone and being close to someone as wonderful as your grandfather.

i think you will be may take sometime to get thru the tough times.....and u may need to be alone for awhile...but remember, try to surround yourself w/ Positive things. family, friends...not to forget him, but to Celebrate him, and take care of him and be with him as he fights for his life right now. there are Always going to be horrible things in this world, we are not safe from them. but we CAN learn to surround ourselves with Health, Positivity, Goodness, Righteousness, Happiness, Love, Friends, Family...*so that* no matter what happens, u will be strong enough to get thru it. take care, and good luck~
Just make sure that you know how much your grandfather loves you and that you know that he knows how much you love him. It will be hard and it will continue to be hard but you will get through it.

I'm very sorry to hear your family is going through this difficult time.
I hope your grandfather recovers. Keep the faith. God has a plan for you and your grandfather, whether in this life or the next.
God is real and will help you just ask for it. I say try to go see your grandad if possible. Maybe you can make some peace, its hard to deal with Ive been there. Pray..Good luck your not alone..
Hey Rebelduck,

Having lost both my grandfathers i can really feel your pain. Trust that God is able to heal your grandfather but also understand that a reality of people growing old is that people do suffer through difficult illness that sometimes result in death.

From what you've shared it seems that your grandfather has really lived a life with so much to be proud of. i will pray for you and also encourage you to try to be their for your mom- when my grandfather passed away it was so hard on my mom and she told my brother and i she never could have made it through without us.

Prayer: Jesus, please comfort Rebelduck and her family. Allow them in this difficult time to draw closer to you and just for the family to sense your presence and your help. i pray that you would heal Rebel's grandfather and whatever discomfort he may be feeling please do minimize it. i pray that your grace will be upon Rebel as she has school and things to deal with in her life that are very difficult because of her concern for her family. Thank you for giving her such a kind heart to comfort others- and i pray that you will comfort her in the way that only you can Lord. Help her to keep her eyes upon you and to find her strength and hope in You. In Jesus name.

i'll keep praying for u and if you need to share/vent, or anything feel free to email:


I lost ,y grandparents 10 years ago, and not a day goes by where I dont miss them. They were the absolute coolest. My grandmother was a total non conformist, and helped build the planes that my grandfather fler (B17) in WW2. If I were you, I would go home after explaining to your school the situation. Be with your grandfather. As fo God, well, one day, after they had both died, like a year after, I heard in my head a combination of their voices and they said ';Stop wasting your time';. Ill never forget it. So that is my reccomendation. Dont wait for God to make an appearance. Do what would make your grandpa proud, and dont waste your time doing it. :o) I cant believe someone gave my answer a thumbs down. What sort of unfeeling jerk would do such a thing? I paused, so that I could think, and have an answer near the top so it would be seen, because I am VERY empathic, and I feel very much for you because of the relationship I enjoyed with my grandparents for 26 years. Shame on you to whoever negged me.
WOW!!! I am so sorry to hear that. Please don't ever think that God isn't real. He is VERY REAL!! Is there a way you could take a short break from classes to go be with him? I am saddened by your situation, and wish I could make it better for you. He is very lucky to have a granddaughter as special as you.
Oh, I'm sorry. My grandpa died just over a year ago. You might want to start writing how you feel. In my grandpa's case, we think it was heart failure exacerbated by being hit by someone in the nursing home where he was living (a resident, we think, who didn't have full control of her or his emotions or physical reactions). I ended up writing about 30 pages of all the memories I had of him. I found that Psalms in the Bible is very, very comforting. In my case, since I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I also found that the Book of Mormon was comforting. Remember, people think the world of you, and you will see your grandfather again someday. The Resurrection isn't as far away as it used to be.
I'm so sorry; I'll be praying for you. Really, if you could ask your grandfather I'm sure he would want you to continue your studies and do well.
Death is welcome. Pain and suffering is not. Death is sweet release. All that can be done is done.

I am no friend of loss. The loss of a loved one is so very difficult. We tend to hold on to the pain of our loss and the grief as we would hold onto the one we have lost. Sometimes we think that by holding onto grief we hold onto them.

Greave, feel the loss. respect and honor the one who has passed.

Then honor them too by carring on with your life.
I wish you all the best. Your grandpa is with safe hands of God. Whatever his destiny will be, it's gonna be for his own advantage. God is all merciful. Stay strong.
Wow! sorry to hear about your grandfather. Is it that far away that you can't be there? If it is, just remember the good times you had with him and keep him close to your heart!

good luck!

and hang in there...i'm sure it's all normal, everything you're feeling.
God's good but life is tough. One of the greatest comforts to me is that God mourns with us when we suffer. I'll pray for you and your grandpa :)
%26lt;warm loving hugs%26gt; Shhhh.. I know how much you're hurting sweetie.. and it's alright. I will pray for both your grandfather and you..

Is there someone you can talk to at college, like a counselor.. Chaplin. Maybe find a nearby church and go inside.. Maybe light a candle..

You're never alone in this.. God is with you.. and most, if not all, who read this, will be with you as well. %26lt;holds you, and gently rocks%26gt;
you said '; I wish I could communicate how much this man has meant to me and what an amazing person he is ';

you just did :o)

there is no doubt how much you love this man ... and it is that love that will hold him close to your heart even in death

love to you and im sending healing thoughts and prayers that he passes safely and peacefully to his new home when the time is right for him

much love xxx
Talk to a counslor or advisor and see if you can take off from your classes to visit your grandfather (you are not the first student this has happened to, your school should have some sort of plan for this type of occurance). If that isn't an option, write a letter to your grandfather telling him how much you love him and maybe recounting some happy memories that someone could read to him at the hospital for you.

This is a difficult time for anybody, don't be too hard on yourself, there is no real ';right or wrong'; way to deal with it.

Let your professors know what is going on with you, too, so that they will understand if you are distracted in class. Most people have lost someone, so they should understand.

And anyone who picks now to rag on you about your faith is a heartless b*****d who should have their a**es kicked!
my grandfather passed away 1 year ago I feel what your are going through it was a hard time for my whole family. My grandfather was in Mexico so we all went back. You just need to think of it this way he won't be suffering anymore.
Dear sister, let me start out by saying that I'm so sorry for this desert you're walking through right now. Know this though, God is never far from you. He rejoices when you rejoice and he cries when you cry. Know that He is hurting for you and your family right now. He is tucking your Gfather safely under His wing. His Will will be done.

I pray for healing for your Gfather; but more importantly, I pray that your Gfather's relationship is right with the Lord and that if God is ready to take him home, I pray it's quick and painless. I pray for Christ to hold you close and fill you with strength, comfort, and peace.

Let us know how you and your Gfather are doing.

Love %26amp; hugs to you in Christ...
the Creator is real, don't let anybody tell you otherwise

sorry for what you are going through. Let your friends know you appreciate their help but would like to be alone.

Don't worry about the classes too much, you can always catch up later and you need to give yourself some time.
Hopefully Grandpappy is also a believer, in which case you should celebrate his upcoming transition.... Same thing I thought when my Grandma died

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I'm beginning to think Facebook the social networking site, is an impersonal and artificial way to communicate with friends etc. I'm just curious as to how men think of facebook as a medium for flirting or interacting with a woman you are interested in or curious about.. or would you prefer email and face to face. my sense is most men don't like to communicate via email but would prefer to actually talk to people... ie men's emails are typically much shorter than women's in general communication.Men: if you are interested in a girl would you use facebook to interact or flirt or would you prefer in person
I actually did the facebook flirting before. It ended up disastrous. Here is the problem. Email, facebook takes out all of the reality to relationships. I much prefer face to face. That is really the only sure way to go.Men: if you are interested in a girl would you use facebook to interact or flirt or would you prefer in person
it can be used as a tool, i.e, messaging a girl or seomthing to initiate conversation on something like aim, and then setting up a time to meet in real life. Personally, I met my current gf irl on the last day of school, found her myspace and 5 months later we are still together.
some might be to scared in person where others do it to be someone else. Being in person is best with me. You get more out of them longer conversations. facial expressions the whole works.
I don't like meeting people from dating sites because everything is so stat-based and having to define myself in that way makes me feel bad.

Also, I find I get a way better reaction from people when I meet them in person, rather than online.
It is because sometimes is harder to communicate what you want verbally.

Through Facebook or any other sites, people have the time to think carefuly what they want, or what are they thinking, so yeah it helps~

I'm not saying that the person has to do everything trough emails and so,, but it helps somehow.
the normal way , is person, be careful who u met in person,

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i prefer interaction first through email, later on face to face, don't like flirting.
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I used facebook to get back into contact with someone I was interested in back in high school. We dated right after for about a year and a half. Just ended matter of fact.

My wife phones back my men friends whenever she knows them?

I like travelling with ma wife. But whenever we go to visit my friend who is also a man, sometimes my wife starts communicating with him without telling me. I come to discover it through my friend. How she gets the contact, I do not know.She even plans for a drink with him without my knowledge.What might be wrong with my wife_ How can I trust her-My wife phones back my men friends whenever she knows them?
I think she is a compulsive Dater. I dont think it will be incorrect by not trusting her. May be she is looking for a second option or an extra marital..

Be careful ur marriage can be ON THE ROCKS....

Another possibility can be she is trying to dig into your past by talking to such friends.... so be careful...........

But in the cases, talking will help.... after all its ur own wife...

Sort it out....My wife phones back my men friends whenever she knows them?
she probably wants to get close to them or she probably is trying to get back at u for sumthing u had done. if she is doing it secretly and trying to hid sumthing, she wouldnt have done it with a friend of urs.
I had a girlfriend like that . That is exactly why she has been married 4 times.She had 4 good husbands they worked paide the bills didn t beat her were great to her daughter as she saide great in bed .But she just could not stop calling guys going to lunch with them talking to them while her husband was home.Her husbands bought her jewerly clothes they never forgot birthdays anniveraries sent flowers.She was just obsessed with talking to guy friends on the phone I think she is old and lonely now .Hopefully one of those guy friends is still calling Because when she calls her ex husbands nobody is home
dont trust her
The truth is that your wife kind of like your friend and which to know himk carefull it may be dangerious to you.
Is this contact with the same guy or different male friends that you visit?

So many marriage issues yet no true help.?

My friend and I were talking about marraiges. He has a miserable one like mine. He does not get enough sex and really lack of communication etc. He is not blaming her or whatever. He said to me which makes great sense. Instead of having pre-religious ( prekayna) classes they should have classes like : how to please your woman. How to please your man. How to communicate stuff like that.

These to be given by people who are happily married or people who have divorced. All these kind of things. Knid of like warnings.

What do you think? Now that I have been with my wife 15 years I know alot that I didn't know when I was just getting married. It would have helped me a lot.So many marriage issues yet no true help.?
Marriage is what you make it.

It is difficult to remain in a relationship with just one person....and think on it as the vows suggest.

It is work, it is compromise, it is having sex when you really just don't feel like it.

People that first get married have no idea of the road ahead of them. The problems that WILL arise. It's how you deal with it that counts.

Love is a choice......not just a feeling.So many marriage issues yet no true help.?
I AGREE with you so much!! Had gone through a divorce myself I noticed the same thing and this is what I came up with: In the 1950's there were all of these magazines, books, and tv telling women how to be a better wife. Now the media tells women ' how to look sexy for their ';man';', not their husbands. I think the media (ie womens or even mens magaizines) could make big bucks offering marriage advice and communication skills between husbands and wives.

What Im trying to say here is in the 1950's the media supported marriages and offered family advice. If the present media offered the support (but obviously with a modern twist of men and women's rolls in the house) then maybe people wouldnt be so quick to drop their spouse.
Being very general, I think you guys are spending too much time talking to each other. I mean, most marriages I have encountered with problems, are largely because the couples become 'comfortable' with each other. Then they seek excitement out side of the marriage. Seek excitement inside the marriage. Act like you want to be with your spouse more than anything in the world. Act like you are in love. And you soon will be. If you have a fantasy about someone else, enact it with your spouse.
I can agree with you... why go to a Marriage Counselor that's never been married, having spent 4, 6 or 8 years in college doesn't mean you have the experience to tell me how to save my married. My parents have been married for 50 years, they been through it all, the good the bad, near death experiences and almost getting a divorce about 40 years ago. WHO WOULD YOU RATHER GET HELP FROM. I think the bible is a great tool but if you are catholic what does a priest know about marriage. The bible can tell a lot of wonderful things about marriage but there are time when you want to here someone opinion on something that has been through the trenches.
Umm.. most marriage now a days fail because people give up too easily %26amp; are getting more and more disrespectful. Just because you're unhappy in a marriage doesn't mean it's over.. it means there needs to be work. Lack of sex is no excuse to cheat.. I think men that cheat are pussy's because instead of talking to their wives or girlfriends about it.. they just act on it. The best way to heal marriage wounds is to speak directly with your spouse and work from there.. I hate how people always listen to others.. their problems %26amp; fixes might not be yours.
They do have classes and there are all kinds of resources in the community. Stop your whining and own up to your responsibility as a husband and accept the fact that the state of your marriage has everything to do with you. Stop talking to your buddy and talk to your wife.
I know several people in unhappy marriages. Things have changed over the years. Relationships didn't have the pressures they do today. They are cheap today. With a 50% divorce rate, why go there. People take each other for granted! They let themselves go. Men and women are just different and understanding this difference is part of the battle. Understanding why things are black %26amp; white for men and why things are emotional for women...etc.

You have to make dates for you and your spouse. Go somewhere new. Do something off the wall. Do it once a month.
People can only learn so much from a class. Experience will be their best teacher.
i believe that couples who arent really happy owe it to themselves to change. we are only here for 70-80years or so, which is really nothing in the grand scheme of things. no one should waste that time living unhappy and depressed. i believe in taking inventory of my life and if something makes me unhappy, i also believe in working on that until i am happy with it. the more of those issues you resolve, the happier you become as a person.

couples have therapists, pastors and other options to work on thier relationships. if you cannot communicate, go learn how. if your sex life isnt what it should be, find out why and fix it. life is a choice and it is ruled by the ones we make. nothing is beyond fixing, even if something the way to fix it is to walk away. you just have to try and learn when and how to do what you need to do.
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  • How is it that some people can be so cold hearted to the one's they claim they love?

    Ok, so I've been dating this girl for the past 1 and a half. She is the coolest thing after sliced bread. All my friends love her.. She cool to be around, we go out, drink, party, dinner, can be completely loveable and awesome, BUT don't let her get mad. She will just breakup with you on the spot (if that). The littlest stupid things will trigger her to jsut erase you from her life. we started off as friends, then when we got intimate and serious, the crazy came out.

    Now, I am the most attentive, loving, caring person towards her. I jump through hoops and try my best to make her life simple. She tells me from time to time, I'm her best friend, I'm great. Although she has trouble expressing her feelings, she tries to be cool with me. UNTIL, she gets mad over agian non-sense.

    Ok, let me paint a better picture. In Dec, of last year on x-mas day, I send out a text to everyone and get pretty spriritual. She answers me joking ';wow, what got into you, preaching the good word?'; I respond jokin: ';oh please why can't you be liek everyoen esle and jsut say merry x-mas?'; I said very inocently... She went off and broke up with me and said, ';oh, I'm not like everyone else, I will never change for anyone.. etc. etc. etc. New Years Day we make up. Mind you she has broken up with me 6 times in the past year and a half and I always do teh song and dance to get her back

    Next example: Just this past saturday, we had a cool double date with my cuz and his new girl... My cuz is 21. All day I had spent it with her doign stuff around her apartment. We get lovey dovey, then late ron that night, I say to her, I get romantic and say I would love to spend the night with you, jsut to sleep next to you.. SHe says cool... I forgot I had made plans in the morining. So instead of jsut saying no, I asked my cuz about whether or not I really need to keep my previous arrangements, that hmmm, what should I do. She gets mad and says that why don't I jsut man up and communicate and say I can't make it. Mind you, I'm jsut trying to figure things out before I say a true yes or no... Till this day she wont talk to me, she wont take my emails, my calls, or texts. Emails me and says, that somewhere down the road she sure or hopes we can be friends liek before. But right now, she doesn't want to talk to me and that we are thru.

    Now, I did spend a few weeks trying to get her to show me she appreciates me and basically tellign her she very cold with me. Now she makes an attempt to be lovey dovey and cute and stuff, and I just didn't giv eher a straight answer because I was trying to figure stuff out before I give a definite answer.

    Bottom line, she wants nothign to do with me now.. ZERO!!

    PS. She hasn't spoke to her entire famiyl in 7 months. Due to a small argument she had with her mom.

    She's 30 yrs old

    I'm 34 yrs old

    She had awesome guys in ther life and has ruined every relationship because of her craziness... The sad part is she knwos she wrongs but doesn't care and rather spent more time and energy ruining relationships and being and a runing away from people that takig that energy into making a relationship work.

    She also ousted all her friends for no reason.

    Now can someone give me a sense of what the hell is up with this woman????How is it that some people can be so cold hearted to the one's they claim they love?
    shes a girl. she doesnt know what she wants. she cant handle being happy and has to screw everything so she can have drama. you dont need a girl that only acts like she cares when you try being an ***. your better off man

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