Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why are Taurus men so hard to communicate with?

I've been dating a Taurus man for over a year now and although he has not expressed that he wanted to date exclusively, he got upset with me because he found out that I talk to other guys. He hasn't made any effort to hook up lately, but does call quite frequently. He has expressed that he is in love with me, yet he's upset with me because he says that he can't trust me. I am a very faithful woman in a relationship. I've been single now for over two years and I never knew that talking to other guys was wrong. He never said he wanted to be exclusive, so yeah I'm confused. Everytime I've ever tried to bring up committment he would use some type of manipulation to push me away. I don't sleep around. I only wait for him sexually. I'm so confused because I try to get out of him what he wants, but it never happens until he finds out that I don't sit and twiddle my thumbs until he calls. I love this man and I want him to be my husband someday, I want to take care of him as his wife and we talk about those things. Now this. I ask him to just tell me that we could never have anything more and I would move on, but he would'nt say it. I know he doesn't want to let me go. I just don't know what to say to reassure him that my heart is with him. I really do love him, I just didn't know that we were supposed to be exclusive, because he would never say it. Is it over should I just give up on him. I can't stand the fact that he thinks I'm supposed to read his mind. I asked him why he didn't tell me how he felt about dating from the start. His response was '; I'm not trying to control you';. I just don't get it. He seems to be a little manipulative. What should I do. I am a one man woman in committment. He just hasn't given me the shot at committment and he's already acting like we're committed. When will he realize that he has a good thing? Am I supposed to act like this doesn't affect me or am I supposed to show him how much I love and adore him. Help!Why are Taurus men so hard to communicate with?
Welll, the only reason I have trouble communicating is b/c they're alwyas eating.......and can't talk.

Is he a tuarus trying to diet, b/c in that case he will be crabbier than most other signs on a diet.

taureans do't need much communication--just keep them fed continuously, and wrap your arms around their tummy--yes, just feed and cuddle them....

**here's a ccan rub their tummies for good luck!!

with that being said, I think taureans (a lot of them anyway) are pretty barbaric. i had a relationship with one, and we spent ALL of our time arguing over ';who wronged who more'; and how I am incredibly untrustworthy (and I agree)--but it was always me me ME. i am so relieved that that is in the past, b/c those dynamics stressed the heck out of me....yikes. i hope he does find a female he can trust (at least more than me)--b/c i was so incredibly not so......good luck to that : )

being unable to admit your wrong is often a sure sign of stupidity/weakness in itself heheheh.

also as a word of warning b/c he is a taurus, you better not try to take ANYTHING and I mean anything away from them, b/c to him anything that is his will always be more precious/worth more than anything that is yours--whether it be his money, his time, his love, etc--remember he views everything as HIS--which is exactly the mentality that gets them to acquire so little in the first place.

**boy did I make the mistake of ';taking'; his love away from him. he sure did make me pay for it--in the end. and I can honestly say I am sorry that I ever took any of his affections away from him--so much so I wish i could take my previous actions back, so that it never happened.

if you ever get affection from a taurean, just remember they are the cheapest of the zodiac at heart, and they will ultimately view whatever they give you as 20x times more than what you give back. so if you do manage to ';win/achieve'; any kind of affection/kind words from him, just realize that if you ever do split, he will make you pay for handing them out to you--so watch out.

sample exchange rate:

your affections: $2.00 per sweet gesture

his: $200.00 per 'sweet' gesture

so the taurean ex does show signs of wanting to get back together, after making me pay for his stupid affections for a few months, except he expects it on his terms this time around (which basically means, everything his way or the high way) hahahahah. i would never acquiesce to this hehehe, or get back together with him at this point, b.c. i've learned my lesson with him, and refuse to give him what he wants (b/c he has been such a selfish, self-righteous, ';I'm entitled to anything I want'; kind of guy) hehehehehe.

that's right--I AM NEVER GIVING YOU WANT YOU WANT EVER AGAIN MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! (wait it was never there to begin with......)

They're very stubborn and can be very hurtful but I think that they probably have good hearts when all is said and done.

As a general rule, don't put up with bad behavior no matter whom..
I agree with the above post. I am dealing with a stubborn taurus myself and trying to get him to accept that he can actually trust me and it seems to push him away even further.

I can attest to those characteristics. Mine is jealous too, he is a tad on the manipulative side but I can tell its because he is so insecure and feels vulnerable. Its almost like they have never felt love before or something and it scares the heck out of them when they do. Has he been hurt in the past by another woman? Mine was and I want to tell him hey... I'm NOT her, I'm ME. They are so loveable and I don't think they mean to be so ornery, its just in their nature.
Taurus can be VERY possessive as much with material things in life as with people in relationships. The thing is, Taurus needs a lot of security and sometimes it feels like they'd demand you to perform some sort of impossible act to actually gain their trust, and I can tell you it's really hard (me being struggling with this thing before). I think this man definitely has strong feelings for you because the thought of you talking to another man is causing a strong emotional reaction in him.

Taurus' feel secure when they feel like they're in control of their life and they can have these different ';sections'; in their mind as how different people are part of his/her life, kind of his way of classifying people in his life if you understand what I mean (for example ';family';, ';work-buddies';, ';girl-friend';, ';my cat'; etc) and he has this certain yet usually direct image of these people an how they would act / (how he'd want them to act) and I think in this little section that he has for you - he would definitely like to classify you as a LOYAL, caring, sweet, fun etc. (and whatever personal traits you own), and this act of you talking to another man is shaking this classification of you he has in his head. So in a way he's losing control of his thoughts of you and because Taurus needs to be in control of his thoughts and all to feel secure, he starts to frustrate and feel insecure because now this image of you isn't ';as firm as it was before';.

Oh man, I'm so sorry for how I put this all down I really hope you can make some sense of it. In short Taurus really really needs security but it's really hard for him to say it out loud because that would make him extremely vulnerable. I'd say try to talk to him about this security thing but I must warn you that they can be stubborn as hell. As said, I've been struggling with this myself too so good luck to you and your man!
They are so damn hard to communicate with because they are stubborn as hell. They don't care about anyone but themselves. If they don't get their way, then there goes the day. I've been dating a Taurus for the past 5 years and these last 2 years, he has really shown his Taurus traits. If it doesn't involve them getting their way/ talking about their needs and/ wants, then they don't want to hear about it. They take, take, take and give when they want/ when it benefits them. It's so annoying and gets old after awhile. They are possessive; they can dish it out but they cant take it. They think they can do whatever they want to you but when you try to pull some of the things they do, omg they have a fit. Moreover, they can never admit when they're wrong, they always try to justify their actions. However, the majority of Taurus' are pretty straightforward, if they aren't interested in you, they won't lead you on let alone waste their time with you. You need to have a serious talk with him, let him know how you feel, and see what he wants. If he doesn't know then tell him to give you a call when he does. He's going to keep stringing you along as you allow it. You have to make a decision and stick to it. Please don't waste another 2 years on him because in that time you could've met someone that you could've possibly marry someday. If he can't see what he got, then that's his loss. Some people don't miss their water until their well runs dry. Good luck!!


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